About Us

Quality Dermatology was established to provide affordable, quality dermatology care. QualityDerm’s owner, Renata Flaks, DNP has helped thousands of satisfied patients achieve and maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. She treats all dermatological issues, including malignant and benign conditions. Renata ensures her patients’ satisfaction and happiness by maintaining a trusting relationship from the start.





Renata Flaks, DNP is a family nurse practitioner. Before opening her practice, Dr. Flaks worked as a dermatology nurse practitioner at Accredited Dermatology. She received her graduate degree (MSN) and her doctorate degree (DNP) from Monmouth University.

The scope of her practice includes the entire family from diagnosing and treating acute and chronic dermatologic illness to performing biopsies and excisions, interpreting diagnostic and pathology studies, prescribing medications, conducting full body skin examinations to performing cosmetic procedures.

 Learn more about Renata Flaks Scope of Practice as DNP here.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a practice-focused doctoral degree to prepare nurse practitioners for advanced roles. The DNP provides expanded knowledge through the formulation and interpretation of evidence-based practice (Chism, 2010).
The DNP prepares the graduate for multiple roles including advanced clinical practice, leadership health policy development, administration, and information technology in an environment of inter-professional collaboration. Educating the next generation of health care providers is a critical step for increasing access to quality health care and improving health care outcomes (http://nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/Policy-Advocacy/Positions-and-Resolutions/ANAPositionStatements/Position-Statements-Alphabetically/The-Doctor-of-Nursing-Practice-Advancing-the-Nursing-Profession.html)




The Quality Dermatology staff is excited to help patients in our new location in Toms River, NJ. We’re ready to create a friendly, caring, and most importantly, trusting relationship to care for all your dermatology needs.